Reason 48

My black zip up jacket has been through the laundry twice in the past three days, not because it’s uber dirty, but because the first time it came out it was covered in wet (but clean!) toilet paper. Jeff said, “Let’s throw it in again…maybe that will get the toilet paper off.” So we did. Tonight when I pulled it out it was covered in toilet paper AGAIN!!! “Jeff, your idea did not work, you’re fired!” As he began to pick each individual piece of wet toilet paper off my jacket he discovered that in the other pocket, the pocket that had been zipped up the first time it went through the wash, was another wad of toilet paper!

Most Korean bathroom stalls do not have toilet paper. My school seems to replace the toilet paper outside the bathroom about once every two months, and let me tell you, it goes quickly, so weeks pass without toilet paper in the bathroom, hence the need to always carry toilet paper in the pockets of sweaters/jackets that I wear to school (usually I carry a packet of Kleenex in my purse, but I don’t carry my purse around school…)

So, my poor jacket, that is now clean, is reason number 48 as to why Koreans need to start keeping their toilet stalls stocked with toilet paper.

P.S. The photo was found here!


~ by dawseng on April 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Reason 48”

  1. Ha! This cracked me up! I fall victim to the same thing ALL the time, especially in winter. My thought about the toilet paper in the bathroom thing (it was the same in China) – if you are responsible for bringing your own toilet paper it probably makes you more conscious of how much you use. So in a way, it’s a inadvertent way of being environmentally conscious (especially since TP is WAY overused…kinda like paper towel…and really and sort of paper product in our society :S )

  2. I understand the logic behind it, but I always end up grabbing more than I need because I’m so paranoid that I’ll be left with nothing! If it’s in the stall then I’m more likely to use less because I know exactly how much I need. We in the west are definitely a paper society. I heard on the CBC recently that the average person prints off 30 pages a day at the office despite the fact that computers will help us move into a “paperless society”.

    I’d almost rather carry around a roll of tp in my bag like I did in Uganda. I always had a flattened roll in my bag in case I ever needed to use it.

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