Earth Day

Well, I have to admit, I missed Earth Day… it was yesterday and somehow, with all the stuff happening around here these days, it just slipped my mind. Oops!

Earth Day, the day when you’re supposed to conserve electricity, reduce water consumption, walk to work, and pick up garbage.

Instead of preaching the importance of taking care of the Earth on a daily basis (which is something I enjoy doing…), I’d like to share something a little unconventional with you. Be prepared, it might be too much for some of you, but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about posting for the past couple of months. So, here goes!

I was introduced to the Keeper back in 1999. The idea repulsed and astonished me. Before leaving for Uganda in 2004 I decided to make the purchase of a Diva Cup at Eating Well Organically, an organic grocery store in Uptown Waterloo. I took it with me to Uganda and it sat on my shelf for a year as I was a bit scared to use it. I tried it once when I got home from Uganda and decided that it wasn’t for me. Fast forward (wow… 4 years!!!) and I was home for my sister’s wedding this past February. Whilst there I decided to bring my Diva Cup back to Korea with me – tampons are hard to come by here, and I wasn’t sure if I would have any luck finding them in Mongolia!. I tried it again a couple of months ago and have since fallen in love with the product.

Have you made it this far without clicking on the links? In case you haven’t fulfilled your curiosity, I’ll give you the low down on the cups.


  • are currently experiencing an underground surge as women begin discussing them as an alternative option
  • are used in lieu of tampons and pads
  • are a reusable product that is made of silicon (or latex rubber if it’s the Keeper)
  • can be used for up to 10 years
  • were developed in the 1930s but were not marketed well
  • cost about $40
  • can be worn for up to 12 hours without any fear of Toxic Shock Syndrome
  • are an AWESOME alternative to the huge waste that comes from disposable pads and tampons
  • are comfortable and clean… and just plain awesome!!

So, this Earth day, as you think about what you can do for the Earth, I’d like you to consider looking into this product. Obviously, if you’re a guy, not so easy… but perhaps you could pass on the info (or this post) to some of your girl friends…?!

Want more info? Click here or here. If you have ANY questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask (seriously, I’ll answer anything related to the cups!) I’m more than willing to discuss cups… I am absolutely in love with mine and would love to encourage every woman/girl to look into this as an alternative option to tampons or pads…

Thanks for lending me your eyes!

Happy Earth Day

P.S. Have any of you ever used a cup before? Or even heard of the cup? What do you think of them?

[Edited May 21st, 2008: If you would like to purchase a Diva Cup, you should check out They have them for $18.99 plus shipping. I bought 4 recently (a couple for some friends wanted one) and they ended up being $22 including shipping to South Korea. If you order from them, you can use this promotional code: DAW570 to get an extra $5 off. Very cheap. Check it out!!]


~ by dawseng on April 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Earth Day”

  1. You.are.hilarious.

    I was wondering how long you were going to hold out before posting about the Diva cup. It’s kind of like me and Oprah at 4 😛 But seriously, you’ve got me looking into them!! Well done!

  2. We were just talking about the Diva/Keeper at lunch today! I was exolling the many virtues of this little wonder, which the other women had never heard of!
    I’ve used the Keeper, but it sounds like the Diva might be a bit more ‘comfortable’? Perhaps I’ll switch over …

  3. Maja, you were my first introduction to the Keeper… I still remember the day so many years ago at camp.

    I LOVE my Diva Cup. I’ve also heard that the Moon Cup is very comfortable (some like it better than the Diva… ) What encouraged me to try again was that I read that it could take about 3 – 4 cycles to get comfortable, so I gave it another try and had no problems 🙂

    I wish there were more opportunities for me to talk about cups. I’ve read that many doctors and gynos haven’t even heard of it!

    Love it!! Do it!!!

  4. I’ve been using one for 2 years now and they are GREAT! Especially for an active lifestlye and they are WONDERFUL for traveling!

    I am so glad, Jen, that you are brave enough to preach to the masses!

    I also highly recommend them! Wonderful invention!

  5. I wish I could tell everyone I meet about the cups… I want to shout it from the mountain tops!!! (Oh dear, I’m out of control… )

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