May Roundup

Jeff and I have been really busy recently. We went away for Buddha’s Birthday weekend (May 9 – 12) to a city in the south of Korea. Jeff will hopefully be posting about that soon! During that weekend I got a sunburn on my face and a HUGE bruise on my arm (it happened in the sauna – I almost slipped and fell… it would have been messy!!!) I arrived at school on Tuesday and the staff and students couldn’t help but comment on these two “injuries”. I told my kids, “Be careful in Gyeong-ju – wear sunscreen, and don’t slip in the shower!” I was a mess, despite the “messiness” that was me, one of my kids said “Teacher, you are beautiful!” What a way to make me feel better!

This past weekend we took a one day trip to the Sharing House. I’m trying to put together a post for this trip but it’s proving to be difficult. The topic is not an easy topic to discuss (the use of Korean women as sexual slaves by the Japanese army in World War Two), and I’m not sure what angle to write from. I want to include history, but I also want to make it personal. Hopefully I’ll get that post up in the next few days, though they’re busy too!

This weekend we’re heading off again to an island just west of Seoul with some friends. I’m hoping that the water will be warm (wishful thinking, I know…) and that I can jump in for a swim. There will be plenty of food, games (Settlers anyone?), drinks, and fun (hopefully in the sun, my legs are scary white!). I’m sure you’ll see pictures or read about it sometime… we’ll eventually get caught up!

Aside from trying to get out of the city on the weekends, we’re busy preparing for our upcoming (okay, in a couple of months…) move to Mongolia! I’m getting excited about moving on, to an apartment with sunbeams!! and to living outside of a city. I love Seoul, but I think I’m a small city girl, I need to get my weekly (at least) dose of nature to be really happy! We’re also both starting internet-based additional qualifications courses next week. These courses will allow Jeff to teach science when we get home, and me to be on the path to a special education specialization.

So, that’s a quick update from our side of the ocean. What are you up to on your side of the ocean?


~ by dawseng on May 21, 2008.

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