Vegas, You’ve Got Nothing

What on earth does Vegas have do with absolutely anything about life in Korea???

Well, I’ll tell you. You think about the brightest, loudest, most obnoxious streets full of signs and what do you think? I’m sure that there are many answers out there, but I always used to think about casinos and hotels along Las Vegas. Though I’ve never been there (I don’t think Jen has either), it’s still what I think, from stereotypical portrayals in entertainment and media.

Correction. It’s what I used to think. I swear, Seoul has more signs than people. And that’s saying a lot, as there are over 10 million people in the city proper, with that number inflating to 23 million when you include the surrounding metropolitan areas. Every street, big or small, busy or deserted, is littered with signs. Back in Canada, some people have been protesting the “sign pollution” on our city streets and politicians have been considering bylaws to limit them. Would they ever have a heart attack if they saw the signs here…

It’s been almost nine months since I’ve arrived in Korea and like many things around here, I’ve gotten used to all the signs and they are normal to me now. It’s only when speaking to newly arrived visitors of their first impressions of Seoul and Korea that I am reminded of how I too was struck, upon my arrival, with the vast multitude of never-ending, ubiquitous (pause for effect) SIGNAGE!!!!

Rob, you would have made a killing here.

The good thing about all these signs is that there’s definitely a lot of material for me to use when practicing my Korean reading skills – no matter where I go. I always thought that all these signs were so tacky, but how else were you supposed to find anything when each floor of an eight-story building is a different restaurant or business? And if you know anything at all about Korea and its “system” of addresses, you’ll know that big signs + lots of signs = you’ll find where you want to go.

So yeah, Vegas, I’m sorry… but you’ve got nothing.


~ by dawseng on May 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Vegas, You’ve Got Nothing”

  1. psst…I didn’t have to look up ubiquitous this time…;)

  2. I put that one in there for you, Kelly!!

  3. But I had to…
    The table had started to turn. Father is learning from the son. Actually, years ago. Just have to finally admit it.

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