I’m So Hot

So the Wonder Girls have released their newest video – So Hot. You can see their previous hit, Tell Me, here. I posted this hit on our old blog – it played EVERYWHERE in Seoul! Although you can see hear it every so often, newer hits have hit the airwaves here.

One of the great things about Korean music is that it usually contains some English lyrics. My kids probably learn more English from listening to Korean music than they do from my teaching! If I sang my lessons in pop song form they would be amazing (I always used to say that if my university profs had sang their lectures I would have kicked butt in uni! I can sing you the songs from a HUGE number of musicals… it’s a little ridiculous!) If I say “I’m sorry” they finish with “but I love you”, lyrics to a currently popular Korean song. If I say “Do you want to listen to the dialogue one more time?” they respond with “Baby one more time” (not the Britney version!) If I ask them to “tell me what you think” they break into “Tell me, tell me, ah, ah, ah, tell me” (I break into the Tell Me dance, they think it’s hilarious, and I have a ton of fun!) It’s really funny to hear them use these random phrases in English class. I’m expecting to hear “I’m so hot” or “I’m so cool” any day now as the weather begins to get warmer, and this song “heats up” the airwaves (sorry..!)

Enjoy – it’s pretty catchy!


~ by dawseng on June 1, 2008.

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