Arrested for Blogging

The BBC posted an article today about bloggers who have been arrested due to the content of their blogs. While the majority of the arrests have occurred in China, Egypt, and Iran, there have also been arrests in Canada, the US, England and France. To be honest, I’m not surprised that China or Iran are on the list. I don’t know enough about Egypt to comment on the arrests, but I do know that China has heavy restrictions on the internet and so I’m not surprised that some people have been arrested because of their political beliefs. I cannot imagine being a citizen of a country that has such strict laws and regulations with regards to what can and cannot be said. Freedom of speech is definitely something that many Canadians take for granted. But are we losing our freedom of speech?

What I am surprised about is the fact that Canadians, Americans, Brits, and some French have been arrested for what they wrote about. I’m very curious. Were they identified as terrorists – people who post information about homemade bombs? Were they racist – spewing garbage on their blogs? Were they a threat to the governments – maybe anti-Bush or something…? Why were they arrested? What did their blogs say? Is this pushing us away from freedom of speech? What exactly does freedom of speech mean? Does it mean you can say anything? Or that you can only say things that are ok with the government? I know that this topic has come up again and again when controversial materials are published. I guess it’s a good thing that the topic is discussed and debated. But what happens when freedom of speech clashes with someone’s right to feel safe?


~ by dawseng on June 17, 2008.

One Response to “Arrested for Blogging”

  1. I read this on the CBC as well. I was also curious about the content that was posted…over sensitivity on the part of the censors, or actually harmful?

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