In the Kitchen

Today it’s hot. Like really hot. And humid. We haven’t turned on the air conditioner (we’re trying to hold out for environmental and financial reasons!) but we have the windows open and the fans on.

Of course this kind of heat would automatically make any sane person think twice before turning on the oven in a small apartment (with little air flow) to do some baking. This person decided to turn the oven on twice today to do some baking…

This morning I wanted something different for breakfast. I don’t usually like breakfast food, if I could I would skip breakfast (but I get so hungry so I don’t!) I did some Googling and ended up with a recipe for scones. I gathered the necessary items and we ended up with lovely hot scones with jam (and watermelon) for breakfast.

After working on some homework (Jeff and I are both taking courses to upgrade our qualifications as teachers so we’ll be more employable when we eventually come home…) and reading some cooking blogs I decided that maybe I needed to bake some chocolate chip cookies too… I must admit that currently, in addition to the hordes of knitting blogs that I read, I have also started reading cooking blogs. There are some good cooking blogs out there. I peruse the posts, eyeing the food, and wishing that I could easily (and cheaply) obtain all necessary ingredients – most of the time I can’t, but I still enjoy looking (and drooling all over my computer!)

So, on went the stove again, and after an hour or two I had about 3 (or 4) dozen chocolate chip cookies (and lots of dishes!) My cookies were flatter than I wanted, but they still taste good. I think the flatness has something to do with the ingredients that I can access here…. I have no idea!

Looking for inspiration in the kitchen? Here are a few of my favourite food blogs (I’m just discovering the world of food blogs, incidentally most of these discoveries come from the knitting blogs that I read!) (Nova is a knitter/pie maker!)

These links are given to you with a warning – caution, may cause temporary insanity leading to turning on the oven in the middle of a heat wave – but it’s totally worth it! Enjoy the insanity and the results from the kitchen!


~ by dawseng on June 22, 2008.

7 Responses to “In the Kitchen”

  1. I sometimes have the same problem with my cookies, despite using the same recipe all the time…think I finally noticed that if I bought a different type of butter/margarine than normal, things went to poop. Always tasted the same though – and yours still look (and undoubtedly taste) absolutely delicious. Your scones look amazing too – what great Sunday treats!

  2. Yeah, Jeff thinks it’s the butter too… there’s something weird about Korean dairy! I was definitely sad that they don’t look uber pretty, but they tasted good!

  3. haha … you’re too funny. I’ve gotten incrasingly lazy with my cooking and dinner for the majority of the week has been cherries & crackers. At least they’re on sale now …

  4. I am one with the insanity. On this warm June afternoon, I too have the oven turned on. What am I thinking?

  5. Oh cherries! They’re like $12 for a small box… totally unaffordable here… eat some for me!

  6. Just wanted to thank you for the DELICIOUS scones! We appreciate every crumb like you couldn’t imagine!

  7. Thanks for the nod. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my blog.

    As for cookies, I only recently discovered a truly delicious recipe for chewy oatmeal raisin cookies that is healthy without using any creepy fake ingredients. I’ll probably post it on the blog soon.

    now if only I could make the same magic happen for chocolate chip, eh?

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