Like Mother Like Daughter

For the past couple of days I haven’t been able to find my coffee cup. Now our apartment is pretty small, and I hadn’t taken the cup out of the apartment (nor had I broken it, I have, however, broken two glasses in the past month!) so I figured that it would turn up eventually.

Well it did. I went to put something in the microwave (this is rare, I hate the microwave and think that it’s mostly evil) and guess what I found?!

Now the really funny thing is that my mom is constantly re-heating her coffee or tea in the microwave at home and constantly leaving it in the microwave. Her unit is probably over twenty years old so it just sits there holding her coffee cup until she returns (or until someone else pulls it out later). Our microwave, however, is pretty new, and though we can’t understand what any of the buttons say (we just press the biggest one and it seems to work!) it still manages to talk to us. If you don’t go and retrieve your item from the microwave after thirty seconds it beeps again. If you wait thirty seconds more, it beeps again. Now, you might be asking yourself “How the heck did she manage to forget her coffee in the microwave for four days?” Well dear readers, if we want to close the bathroom door completely we need to unplug the microwave since it’s plugged into a socket in the bathroom. So, I probably just unplugged the microwave and my poor sheep cup had to sit in the darkness of the microwave for a few days – oops! I guess I take after my mom 🙂


~ by dawseng on June 24, 2008.

One Response to “Like Mother Like Daughter”

  1. Hehehehehe….I’m prone to this too! Ever look in your fridge and wonder what a pair of socks are doing there? Or why your eyebrow brush is in your coat pocket? Just two of the things I can remember since being in Korea…glad to hear it happens to the best of us (I was starting to worry it was just me!)

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