Who knew?

People love toilet paper. Why? Well, I can certainly understand the utility of toilet paper and how it might be something that people would want to have around. However… I wouldn’t exactly say love is an appropriate word to describe people’s desire for toilet paper. It’s more of a factual necessity of day to day life that people don’t really think about beyond the bathroom walls (at least in our western world-centric perspective). And yet, somehow, I am very very wrong…

It’s interesting what kinds of data can be collected over the web and how everyone feels soooo anonymous on it. No one really thinks about it, or is probably even aware of it, but HUGE amounts of data can, and more importantly perhaps, is being collected about your web surfing habits. Ok, most of what you do remains anonymous, but your behaviour can be tracked down if necessary. Anyway, I’ll stop here before I digress too much, as this is a discussion that can go on for a while… and it’s actually related to a very important issue back home as well, as privacy concerns are very much related to the net neutrality debate that has been receiving a lot of media attention recently.

So, what I was getting at was that even our simple blogging software has been keeping track of some basic stats, such as how many people visit our site on a daily basis, what links of ours they click on, what sites have referred them to our site, how many people have viewed each of our different posts, and of course… what search terms people have used to find us. And this is where we finally get back on track to my opening statement.

By far, the most popular search term that has resulted in people visiting our site is “toilet paper”. As of the time of this writing, 64 people have found our site using the search term “toilet paper” – this is since the time that Jen wrote about this, if you do not recall. After that, the next most popular search term that has resulted in visitors to our site is “korean wedding 2008” with 4 people finding our site with that. Ok, granted, there are about 20 or 25 variations of “korean wedding”, “korean wedding gift”, “korean wedding invitation”, “korean wedding reception pictures”… you get the idea.

Now, I know that our site isn’t seen by many people beyond our immediate friends and family, so we don’t get a lot of outside traffic. And we don’t talk about anything (I think anyway) that would be terribly interesting to anyone other than those who know us. So it just baffles me that so many people are searching for toilet paper. Keep in mind that this 64 is only the number of people who searched for toilet paper AND ended up at our blog. Do a search for toilet paper on google and we’re not even on the first 7 pages of results (not surprising, of course… I got tired and didn’t think that I’d find us for a few hours, maybe on page 4,893 or so… so I gave up). I also did a search on wordpress blogs, which would obviously narrow the search a lot more, and we still didn’t show up in the first 5 pages there (Holy geez, there are a lot of people writing about toilet paper too!!!).

There isn’t much to this post other than to share my shock (and to kill time at work…). So thanks for indulging me and if you’ve made it this far, I’m also kinda shocked. To reward your attention and perserverance, I’ll share with you a very important insight that I have recently learned:

If you want to increase the traffic on your blog, foget sex, politics, and religion. Start writing about toilet paper.


~ by dawseng on June 25, 2008.

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