Long Lost Friends

Megan and I have known each other since we were about eight or nine years old. We went to church together and our parents became good friends. I remember being scared of the “ghost” that she and her sisters pointed out in Three Men and a Baby (we re-wound that scene over and over, freaking ourselves out!), going to Christmas parties at her house, swimming in her pool and just hanging out with her family. In high school we got busy and went our separate ways. Our moms still hung out, but we never saw much of each other. I always heard of her and what she was up to through my mom (she kept in touch with Megan’s mom who had moved down to Texas). Every summer Megan’s mom and stepfather visit my hometown and stay with my parents. I’ve seen plenty of her mom over the past twelve years, but never Megan. Until we met again in Mongolia.

Last week was Megan’s birthday. A bunch of teachers from our school went out for dinner, and while some headed home after dinner, about eight of us headed towards on of my favourite places…. a noraebang (also known as a Karaoke room). When the TV was unplugged (by the woman working there, I think she was trying to plug in the fan…) we just kept on singing Green Day, followed by some rapping performed by the other grade one teacher, the grade four teacher, and the grade six teacher. It was AWESOME!!

Gunther and Jonny breaking it down!

So, a birthday celebration placed in the middle of the second week of school left me feeling relaxed (a bit tired…) and happy. As I mentioned previously these past two (not even!) weeks have been hard. We are definitely first year teachers – who unfortunately have no mentors and few resources… (the box is stuck in Hong Kong until possibly November because of the Olympics…). It’s been a hard couple of weeks.  I’ve already bombed a few lessons, but I’ve reflected on them and realised why they went wrong and how I can change that in the future (note to self, go with your gut instinct!!). My kids are cute, they have good hearts. My program assistant (aka teacher’s assistant) is really great and I have a super supportive principal.


~ by dawseng on September 19, 2008.

One Response to “Long Lost Friends”

  1. Ahhh, those sweet childhood memories…little did you know that one day you would each be building even more memories together – in Mongolia of all places!! Do you realize how happy I am that Meg has a friend from home over there? Someone who is special to me at that 🙂

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