Basketball in the Gym…

Last week we had a basketball match between some of the teachers at our school and the grade 10 students. I haven’t played basketball since probably grade 9 – I am terrible, but I still joined in (you see me with the ball once in this video, and it is quickly taken from me!) Jeff scored three points from an awesome shot (I don’t know basketball lingo… he was far from the net and it went in). Despite the efforts of the teachers we lost, terribly. But, it was good fun. We had a big crowd of spectators watching and it was nice to get a bit of exercise and play some b-ball.

*video courtesy of Jonny*


~ by dawseng on September 21, 2008.

6 Responses to “Basketball in the Gym…”

  1. I think I recognize a couple of mugs in that video. And despite being thumped by some teen-agers, you guys looked better than I ever remember. 🙂

    When are the Ultimate videos going to be put up???

  2. I was hurting the next day and I barely touched the ball!! It was good fun. I think it’s too cold and windy here for ultimate (though Jeff might beg to differ…) Just wait until spring time (although the current state of the school’s discs leads me to believe that perhaps there will be no ultimate playing… the discs are destroyed and covered with duct tape!!)

  3. LOL! I loved watching this vid…You need discs?? I can see if I can round some up before sending you guys stuff. Jeff, if you have some at home, let me know and the next time I visit, I’ll pick them up.

  4. hustle up dawson!

  5. take a knee, take a knee.

  6. ASU Teachers 19:39 ASU Students

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