Adventures in the Gobi

After eight weeks of school we had our first holiday. Eight weeks doesn’t seem like a long time to be working, but we definitely needed the holiday! Our last real holiday was in February when we went to Beijing for a week to check out Jeff’s Motherland.

While Ulaanbaatar is an okay city it’s not great. It feels kind of drab. There’s always the fear of pickpockets and there’s not much to do (especially compared to Seoul!) Being in Mongolia is cool but I hadn’t really felt much of a connection to the country until the last week of October when we ventured into the Gobi.

The Gobi is the fourth largest desert in the world. I want to say that I heard somewhere that it covers a third of Mongolia, but I haven’t found any info on the Internet to confirm (or deny) that information. Regardless, it is an amazing place to visit, full of different breathtaking landscapes.

Over the next few days we’ll introduce you to Mongolia beyond the capital city. The Mongolia that we saw on our eight day adventure was the Monglia that everyone raves about. It’s the Mongolia that is truly amazing and wonderful. Full of empty spaces, and wonderfully warm and welcoming people.

While we were outside of the city I realised why everyone raves about this country. Seriously, it’s amazing….


Just as we left the city we came upon this ovoo. An ovoo is a type of Mongolian cairn that is erected to please the gods of the sky and the mountains. They are usually found on top of mountains or in high places.

When travelling it is common to stop and walk (or drive) around the ovoo three times. If you are walking you should pick up three rocks and walk around the ovoo three times, dropping a rock on the pile for every time you complete the circle. Sometimes people will leave gifts for the gods such as vodka (very sacred in Mongolia), money or sweets.

The blue scarves placed around the ovoo are called khata and are ceremonial scarves that symbolizes the blue Mongolian sky.


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  1. Wow you guys! I’m so glad you were able to take some time away from getting settled there. I hope it continues to go well. I definitely miss you guys! Do you have more pictures to post by chance?! 🙂

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