Merry Christmas!

I’m technically a day late, but close enough! Greetings from Thailand. Jeff and I finally got around to taking our honeymoon. It has been a wonderful trip thus far, mostly full of Thai food… mmm… it seems as though all we do all day is just eat!

We are currently waiting in the Bangkok airport for our flight up to Chiang Mai. We spent the past week lying on the beach – it was amazing. A much needed recovery from the madness of the last couple of weeks before Christmas. Christmas day we went elephant trekking on the island of Koh Chang where we were staying. We also rented a motorbike, much to Jeff’s excitement, and zipped around to a couple of different beaches.

 Now we’re heading up north to meet up with Bo and Jeff. I haven’t seen them since last February when we went home for my sister’s wedding – I’m SO excited to get to spend about a week with them!! They’ve been travelling around the world since May – I can’t wait to see some familiar faces from home. We ended up booking a business class ticket due to the inavailability of anything cheaper… but it’s much nicer than a 12 hour bus ride up north!

Well, my free internet in the Bangkok airways lounge is almost up. Hoping that all of you had a wonderful holiday full of family and good food!


~ by dawseng on December 26, 2008.

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