Weekend Adventures – Odds and Ends

This weekend was full of adventures! Well… adventures for us…

We finally broke down and checked out one of the many Korean restaurants in town. We both love Korean food so much, but didn’t want to go out for bad Korean food, so we just hadn’t gone out at all! Now that we’ve been successfully fed at one place, we’re ready and willing to check out the rest of them!

Jeff enjoying a meal of Korean food

The other exciting event that occurred this weekend was the opening of the store close to our apartment (what can I say, we lead simple lives here). I’m sure that most of you know that we live outside of town. It takes about an hour to get into town by bus (with traffic, and waiting for the bus), but only about ten minutes to get home in a taxi. I know, don’t ask! So, having a store that can provide us with our basic needs means that we don’t have to try to get into town if we just need some milk or bread. I think that this was probably the highlight of the day for most of the staff here. All over Skype you could hear people in our building talking “Have you checked out the new shop yet?” “It’s amazing, you’ve got to go!” I think that every teacher in our apartment building made the trip to the new shop this weekend.When we took the bus into town yesterday we were pleasantly surprised to see the shop had officially opened. A trip today was a must.

The New Supermarket

The New Supermarket

Speaking about apartments, our neighbour’s was broken into this weekend. While the husband was doing a bit of work at school, the wife lay down for a nap. When she awoke, their computer, camera, and his wallet were all missing! Someone had come right into their apartment and stolen these items. Pretty creepy considering we’re supposed to have security guards at the gate… It’s a reminder for us to always lock our doors when we go anywhere (and even if we stay at home…)

Probably the most exciting news is that my parents (and I think Jeff’s sister..!?) have officially booked their tickets to come and visit us in April! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have them come and visit us!!!!

Okay, enough blabbering from me (I think that I overused the word exciting in this post..). I hope that your weekends were just as exciting (if not more so, hard, I know..!) as ours.


~ by dawseng on February 1, 2009.

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  1. lol…..haven’t booked yet but i’m working on it!!!

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