The Gobi – Day 5 (part 1)

As a quick refresher, Jen wrote in our last post on the Gobi about how our van had broken down, literally, in the middle of nowhere.  Dawa, our driver, had managed a band-aid solution to get us, at least, to where we were staying that night.  Although we arrived too late for us to continue on to climb the nearby sand dunes that night, Dawa spent the rest of the evening performing more extensive repairs.

This brought us to the morning of day 5.  With the breakdown putting us behind schedule, our guide suggested that we skip the dunes and continue on.  However, all of us were quite adamant that we had come this far and we all wanted to climb the dunes, supposedly the highest ones in the world.

I think that it is safe to say that none of us were disappointed that we had pushed to visit the dunes.  The views were spectacular, even if we didn’t get to experience it with the sunset like we were scheduled to the previous evening.  Our guide had told us that although the dunes do experience very cold temperatures, especially as fall wears on and winter approaches, it was not common to see snow on them.  It was really interesting to see, especially as people wouldn’t normally expect to see dunes and snow in the same place.

At any rate, the dunes were certainly one of the highlights of our trip to the Gobi and should certainly not be missed by any traveler.  I think that the photos will speak for themselves… (click on them to see a larger photo).


~ by dawseng on February 28, 2009.

One Response to “The Gobi – Day 5 (part 1)”

  1. This looks AMAZING. How lucky you are!

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