Things I(‘ll) Miss…

As the days pass by I have begun to think more and more about the fact that in less than four months I will be home. In fact, we only have four weeks of school left. We will not be home for a visit, but home to stay, at least for a while… and to be honest, the thought seems to be terrifying me.

I miss my family and my friends. I miss being able to get some things that I enjoy cooking with (and having a big oven and more than two burners). I will be happy to be able to purchase almost anything that I want, though this thought also scares me…(I haven’t really shopped for clothing in a long time and I’m happy about that!) I miss the ease of being able to get around town and being able to express myself.

My kids back in the fall. They've grown so much since then!

My kids back in the fall. They've grown so much since then!

But, I’ve grown accustomed to how things are over here. I’ve started to enjoy the effort that goes into accomplishing tasks here. The gestures, the broken English (or really broken Mongolian) that happens when trying to communicate with others. The quirks of Mongolia (I miss the quirks of Korea too!): trying to cross the street: horses in our playground: buses that are falling apart; picking up any car as a taxi; Jeff being thought of as a native of every Asian country that we visit… It will be an adjustment coming back home. My biggest worry is that I will get bored. I won’t have to work for everything like I do here. Though it can be exhausting some days, other days it’s fun and often turns out to be an adventure. (I think of the day when Megan and I tried to get to the third district on the city bus. We couldn’t remember which bus we were supposed to take. We ended up on the wrong one… and in a ger district in the north part of the city – we live in the south. We were shooed off the bus and had to figure out how to get out of the area we were in. It was quite the experience!)

I’m hoping that this won’t be my last experience living abroad. I would love to one day check out South America and New Zealand, but for now I am thinking about the next stage in my life. First, two months of travel around South East Asia (yeh!) and then home to live with my parents and find a job… eep! Who knows what awaits us.


~ by dawseng on May 23, 2009.

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