Day 1 – Ubud, Indonesia

Day 2 on our little trip across South East Asia and Jen and I are sitting in a restaurant eating breakfast and enjoying a much slower pace of life watching motorbikes and vespas drive by, drinking freshly squeezed (blended?) strawberry juice, and eating tasty (and inexpensive too!) foods.

Yesterday we arrived in Indonesia early in the morning and slept in for the first time in a long while.  We took a bus ride north to the town of Ubud, which is full of little shops selling everything from carved wooden objects and bolts of colourful cloths to silver jewelry and handmade purses.

SEA - Ubud 01A man sits outside his shop, hard at work.
 It’s amazing how talented some of these craftsmen are.

In between all of the shopping (the good thing about this trip is that there isn’t a lot of space in our packs for Jen to actually BUY a lot of stuff!!), we also visited the Monkey Forest Sanctuary.  Though technically the macaques are wild, they are certainly very much habituated to human contact.  You can buy bananas at the entrance to ostensibly support the sanctuary, though I suspect that this fact is less a motivating factor than the desire to feed “wild” monkeys.  At any rate, it was fascinating to watch the behaviour of these animals, as they often exhibited mannerisms that are so akin to our own behaviour.  Equally as fascinating though, was observing the behaviour of our fellow human beings as they interacted or attempted to interact with the macaques.  Despite the multitude of warning signs that these monkeys were wild – though highly habituated to humans, they ARE wild – and their behaviour could be unpredictable, people continued to treat the macaques as pets and toys, trying to get fun photos with them and not letting go of the food that they are giving them until their friends/family could get the perfect photo.

SEA - Ubud 02 (Macaque)I could have watched these macaques for hours.

Yesterday was such a relaxing day, having no schedules or agendas to adhere to.  We did a lot of walking and exploring, a lot of shopping, and a lot of eating – the food here is wonderful, especially after having spent the past year in Mongolia.  We were finally able to let the stress from the previous year’s work wash away.  Definitely a successful day.

Today, in less than an hour, we’ll be on our way to Gili Air, a small island off of Lombok.  It has no cars.  It will take us about 90 minutes to walk the circumference of the island.  Though I have a sneaking suspicion that I will get bored there, I also feel like I need a little boredom in my life.  At least enough so that I can re-energize for the next adventure.


~ by dawseng on June 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Day 1 – Ubud, Indonesia”

  1. Happy to hear that you made it safely to Indo. It sounds as though you’re both enjoying a slower pace of life. Keep the stories coming. Miss you both!

  2. You won’t get bored if you snorkel, snorkel(glass bottom boat tours are worth it), read, eat, snorkel, drink iced cappuccinos, eat at Coconut Cottages, snorkel and don’t forget to sleep.

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