Gili Air, Indonesia – The Boat Ride

After spending a day in Ubud, we headed off to the much celebrated Gili Islands.  There are three of them, each of them with their own unique characters.  We had some friends who had been to Gili Air a couple of times before us and had thoroughly enjoyed their stay, so we decided to follow their recommendation.  To get there we had to take a 4-5 hour ferry ride.  It’s a long trip, but the weather was beautiful and so were the sights.  The time just melted away (much as we did in the heat!).

Currently, Jen and I are sitting in The Coffee Bean (which we discovered while in Korea – so many things remind us of our time in Korea now!) in Kuta, Indonesia.  It’s definitely a stark contrast from our time in Gili Air, but we’ll get to that soon enough.  There’s more to tell you from Gili Air, so we’ll try to catch up soon.  For now, enjoy some photos of our ferry ride out to the island.

Gili Air - Boat Ride (Reflection)Jen reading while I toyed with the camera.

Gili Air - Boat Ride (Jeff)I got my hair cut before we left for easier maintenance.
It still looks weird to me… 

Gili Air - Boat Ride (Jen)Jen just can’t shake her urge to pose for photos Korean
style.  This is the lasting impression that Korea has
made upon her! 

Gili Air - Boat Ride (Port Side)I really hate smoking, but I must admit, this photo
wouldn’t be the same if it was just someone’s hand
without the cigarette. 

Gili Air - Boat Ride (Sunset)It’s like a stock photo from just about any tropical
island around the world, but it still stirs the heart.
Jen wondered if we lived in a place like this, would
we ever get tired of the spectacular sunsets.  I’m not
sure that you could. 


~ by dawseng on June 27, 2009.

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