Ever Slept Outside an Airport?

Correction:  Jen and I are now OUTSIDE the airport.

We have been kicked out of the terminal due to fogging (what the heck is that???).  Jen thinks it might have something to do with precautions about the avian flu…


~ by dawseng on July 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “Ever Slept Outside an Airport?”

  1. NOW your trip is turning educational.

  2. Ok that’s worse. Are there more people in the same predicament? Have you ever slept on the deck of a ferry?

  3. interesting… fogging to clear mosquitoes…

    • We found it more annoying than interesting at the time, but yeah, we never did find out for sure why they were fogging. All we knew was that they were waking everyone up and kicking us all out. But it certainly makes for a good story!

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