Sapa, Vietnam – Photography Exhibition!

Sapa was great, not just because the people were so friendly, but also because the views were spectacular.  Even as we sat atop the mountains, in the clouds, we still found beauty.  As it is the rainy season, we went to Sapa with the expectation that it would be cloudy for the duration of our visit.  We had read that some people still found it a worthwhile visit when they had nothing but rain for their whole stay.

Sapa - Foggy MorningWith the clouds around us, we could only see a little beyond
our hotel.  And yet, it was still a sight to appreciate.

Sapa - Foggy Rice PaddyOne of the rice paddies in Cat Cat village.  Jen’s favourite
quote from this part of trip was from a lady who was
passing by at the time I was taking this photo:  “Why
are you taking a photo?”  Jen:  “Because it’s beautiful!”

Sapa - Terraced Rice Paddies 1Looking down into some of the terraced rice paddies and
part of Cat Cat village.  The rain was light at this point,
but you can still see the clouds about at the far edges of
this photo.

Fortunately for us, our second day was full of sunshine.  There were a couple of hours in the late morning where the rain felt like it was returning, but as we descended into the valley, we moved out of the clouds and blue skies were revealed for the duration of our trek.

Sapa - Terraced Rice Paddies 4Jen captured a great photo while we stopped for a lunch
break with this Hmong woman walking along one of the

Sapa - Terraced Rice Paddies 5A small stream cuts through this set of terraced rice paddies.

Sapa - Jen and Terraced Rice PaddiesJen’s Korean pose strikes again!  Approaching the edge
of the path and watching this panoramic view open up
was magnificent.  This was one of my favourite views.  I
just stood there, gaping at the scene that lay before me,
while out guide kept telling me that we were continuing on.

Sapa - Victoria HotelA flutist playing on a terrace.  It was so peaceful just
listening to him as he meandered around.

And this one is for our good friend Jeff Smith.  Every time I come across a bridge, I always think of you, Jeff!

Sapa - Foot Bridge for Jeff SmithA tiny foot bridge to help us cross a small stream.

Now, it’s time for some audience participation.  Here’s our first Dawseng poll.  Which photo do you like the most?  You can give reasons if you like, or just pick your favourite.  Really, I loved both photos so much, I couldn’t decide which one to post.  Despite being photos of virtually the same scene, I love each of them for different reasons and was looking for an excuse to share them both.  If you’d like a larger view of the photos, just click on the photos.  So please leave your vote in a comment!!

Sapa - Terraced Rice Paddies 2Terraced rice paddies with our guide and two
of her friends.

Sapa - Terraced Rice Paddies 3Rice everywhere!!!

Hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

ps.  Constructive criticism, pointers, any other comments to help me improve my photography are greatly appreciated as well!  Thanks.


~ by dawseng on August 8, 2009.

7 Responses to “Sapa, Vietnam – Photography Exhibition!”

  1. i didn’t know that the Vietnam is that much beautiful , it is really beautiful , i like it very much, keep it up .

    • Thanks. Vietnam was certainly one of our favourite places – it is great for photography, but it’s also full of great people.

  2. Hi Jeff & Jen:

    Lovely pics. I vote for the one with the women overlooking the rice fields. It says to me ‘Well, the planting is done. Just waiting til harvest time so we can have something to eat’. The second pic is also very good, showing the immensity of the task that the farmers face daily.

    Did you & Jen see any ox or horses that may have been used to help plow the fields? I remember grandma used to tell me that water buffulo is used to work the fields back in my village.

    Can’t wait til next week to see you and hear about all your adventures…

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, we saw lots of water buffalo, and plenty of kids playing on them too.

      Looking forward to coming home. Less than a week to go!


  3. Great photos! You should have a slide show evening when you return!
    My fave is definitely the third one – looking down into the bowl of terracees – I love the dimension.

  4. Want much to see Sapa. Will visit someday.

  5. I agree with Maja, slide show at home is in order! Of the two pics up for the poll, it’s tough to decide which one I like better. I’m going with the second one. The way the rice paddies are broken up, it reminds of a mosaic. A rice paddie mosaic.

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