Two Years Down and How Many to Go?

Well, it’s the day that Jen never remembers:  “When did we get married?  I don’t remember!!”

I love her anyways, and I’m lucky enough to have her love me too.  Today marks our two year anniversary!!  Incidentally, we’ve always been away for our anniversary – I wonder where we’ll be next year – we got married in Costa Rica, spent last year in Jeju, Korea, and now we’re in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jen and I have really enjoyed our time in South East Asia, but one thing that we keep forgetting to do is to ask others to take some photos of the two of us.  The most recent photo we have is at Angkor Wat, taken about a week ago.  (We’re a bit behind in our blogging!).

Angkor - Jen and Jeff at Angkor WatJen and myself on the path leading to Angkor Wat.

If you want a refresher of a few of our wedding photos, check out last year’s anniversary post.

Happy anniversary, Jen!


~ by dawseng on August 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Two Years Down and How Many to Go?”

  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope that the both of you are enjoying your special day and your last week vacationing! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

    PS Something unrelated: I’m currently being stared down by a chipmunk….odd.

  2. Hiya Jen & Jeff:

    Happy happy!!!
    Only 31 more to go to catch up.

    Nice pic of the two of you.

  3. Congratulations. You now qualify to serve your sentence in a federal penitentiary.

    Some manly advice: This is the cotton anniversary, but don’t bother with any clothes or sheets or any of that stuff. Q-tips, my friend, are firm like your devotion to each other, but soft and yielding on the ends like tender words after a disagreement. They clean out your ears so you can hear better, just as marriage causes you to forget yourself and really listen your wife. They’re the ideal symbol of your love. And like women, they come in groups of 1000 and you can always find some in a pharmacy.

    Don’t thank me. It’s my pleasure to help you.

    Super exciting and wonderful. You also get to celebrate it on your trip/honeymoon (hehe) Can’t wait to see you guys soon!

  5. Hi! son & daughter-in-law,
    Happy Anniversary. The phrase: A picture is worth a thousand words, just said it all for me. We are looking in anticipation for your return. Wishing you both together many and many more years of happy celebration. Love, Mom.

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