Out and about in Ontario

I often find that by the time I get to the end of my week that I am utterly exhausted (our friend Pat says you can only use the word exhausted if you’ve been in a war… but regardless, I’m wiped). While Jeff is usually looking to get out and fill up our weekends, I’m quite content to waste away the weekend days surfing the net, watching TV and dreaming of knitting (I’m just not as motivated to actually pick up my needles as I was when I was freezing in Mongolia last winter…)

The one activity that we have both been dying to do is to get out cross country skiing. The past two years we spent abroad with no snow while Ontario was dumped with the white stuff. Now that we’re home, we’ve only been able to get out skiing once because there has been no snow!!

I leave you with some pics from our only outting so far this year… here’s hoping for more snow in February! (I think we’re the only ones in Ontario hoping for snow…)

Jeff hitting the trails close to our house.

My sister and her hubby enjoying the
sunshine on the trails.

Cross country skiing is hard work!

Happy to be back in Ontario.


~ by dawseng on January 25, 2010.

6 Responses to “Out and about in Ontario”

  1. Skiiiing! I’m so envious – there’s not a flake of snow to be found here! I can’t wait to wax up my skis …

  2. I now know what to bring you guys from Germany: snow 🙂 Weekends are never long enough to do all the things that you want.

  3. Proximity to Switzerland pretty much guarantees you’ll be receiving some good chocolate in a couple weeks!

  4. Not a war. The Holocaust. Maybe Jackie can bring you some of THAT. Bloody Germans . . .

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